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Red Coffee Cherries

Guatemala Antigua Coffee

Travesia Estate

Guatemala coffee from the famous ancient city of Antigua contains over 43 churches, so it is not surprise that this special Guatemala coffee gets the brand “Iglesias”. Antigua Iglesias comes from the Plantation Santo Tomas and El Vallecito. Both are located in Ciudad Vieja in the state of Sacatepéquez at the slopes of the Volcano Agua.

La Travesia is owned by producer Pedro Echeverria. In Spanish “travesia” means journey. The coffee produced on this farm, Finca Capetillo, where it is processed with the highest quality standards. This coffee follows traditional wet milling and it delivers a clean and bright cup.

Cupping – Notes of peach and cherry with a syrupy body

Specific Info:

Origin – Guatemala

Location at Origin – Antigua

Name of Farm – Finca Capetillo

Grade – Strictly Hard Bean

Processing – Fully Washed

Altitude – 4,700 to 4900 feet

Plant Varietal – Bourbon, Catuai & Caturra