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Our Mangrove Island Coffee by Florida’s true native plants and In Florida there are four main types of mangrove trees including, the red mangrove, black mangrove, white mangrove and the buttonwood.

If you can imagine a coffee that can be brewed at your house that combines the best single-origin coffees into a rich combination of flavors, than you can start to taste our unique Mangrove Island Blend. Our Mangrove Island blend is a combination of coffees from Central and South America as well as Africa and Asia. This unique and original blend is balanced, full bodied with moderate acidity and one you will not soon forget.

All our coffee is roasted, packed and shipped within 24 hours of ordering for optimum freshness.

Specific Info:

Countries: Costa Rica, Colombia, Kenya and Sumatra

Country: Costa Rica
Location: Tarrazu
Altitude: 4750 FT
Soil Type: Rich and Volcanic soil
Producer: Coope Tarrazu RL Bean
Variety: Caturra, Catuai

Country: Colombia
Location: La Bella – Gaitania Province Tolima
Altitude 1825 metres (5988 Ft.)
Variety – SHB Heirloom Typica – Caturra
Fermentation Fully Washed
Drying Process Sun Dried (natural)

Country: Sumatra
Location: Toba, Sumatra
Altitude: 4,000 – 5,000 Feet
Varietal: Typica
Process: Wet hulled
Drying: Patio sun dried

Country: Kenya
Location: Nyeri County of Kenya
Altitude: Above 5,905 Feet (Above 1,880 Meters)
Varietal: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11
Process: Fully Washed and Sun Dried


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